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Erika Cole

By Raquel Featured On CNBC The Profit

Founder Carolyn Devito’s involvement in the salon industry spans over 30 years. Carolyn’s first successful launch in 1998 under the name Unique Salon & Spa was an instant hit. At the same time she was growing her business Carolyn was devoted to her growing family, she has 3 wonderful children: Erika, Raquel and Cole, who light up her life. Looking for the next step in expanding her salon & spa network Devito reached out to Marcus Lemonis star of CNBC smash hit The Profit. Lemonis, a self-made millionaire and serial entrepreneur, judges all business with THE 3 Ps Principle – (P)eople-(P)rocess-(P)roduct. The most important of which is People. Marcus saw the unlimited potential in Carolyn, and her hair care professional products line then called Unique. With the help of Lemonis, Devito re-launched her full line of hair, body and beauty products, and Erika Cole By Raquel was born. In 2015 Unique Salon and Spa changed its name to Erika Cole to complete the transition but has kept the same great staff and high quality services.

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